WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Paris July 7, 2011



  • Asesi Peinado Pascual (Spain, males),

  • Jouanchicot Christian (France, females)

In France, I drove with great caution, for fear of the famous “patriotism” of French judges (the day after the world chempionatea males as judged by the referee from France Seltz Halter Jeannette). Fortunately, the fears were not realized. French and at the World Championships and in the championship of France, held a day later, was judged clearly, accurately and in a highly methodical, the process in the technical sense was absolutely perfect. Rings were great – it certainly helps a good show dogs in motion, but very attentive to the movements of Christian Zhanshiko, which freed due to the expertise of top Dobermans neighboring ring expanded, and so rather large area, handlers are not spared, raced to complete breathlessness. But because I drove sensibly, not formally, and took into account the quality of the movement, it is one not to be angry.

Black males.

Dogs exhibited on the nearby ring. Spanish judge to pay less attention to the movements of dogs, but the detail fingering their Rack, palms determined by the parallel lines of the head and its proportions.

Pretty original was provided by the organizers of the examination procedure. First, intermediate class, and then open, working and champions, after examination – and puppies the juniors
. In the intermediate class of black males are few and not very strong composition, easily won the first place elegant and well-balanced in the rack medium-strong pedigree Yugoslav Appolon Ares f.Yareshtal (Mitt del Nasi x Tigris Levan f.Yareshtal), grandson Hieronymus, that I was especially pleased. Behind him was the ERP Saffron (Fedor del Nasi x Zoosfery of Sharon), is not very bright, but more correctly folded than we know of his brother in Moscow Sidor.

In the working class led Obi-Wan Kenobi de Grande Vinko (Leo f.Markishen Land’s Hecate de GW) in a magnificent exhibition form shown in the English manner. I think he was one of the main contenders for the main title.

The second place was much the dried, that he really is, Teraline Midgard (Paco Ducker’s Teraline Aurora). However, the thinner-looking and more harmoniously than in overloading, Midgard looked like a medium-strong dog.


  • 9 dogs exposed to the World Cup “iz Zoosfery”. Among them first place in the class got 4 dogs, the second place – 2 “excellent” just got a dog H;

  • In the championship of France, we have shown 8 dogs. 1st “excellent” got 4 of them, the second “excellent” – 2 and a “great” – 2
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