Two “Eurasia”, March 27 and 28, 2010

Judge – Hans Vibliskhauzer (Germany) and Thomas Becht (Germany)

BABY . Just three Kobelkov. All good. Both experts have placed them equally. The first was strong, with a beautiful head, very courageous Sant KREAL Shogun (UK Zeus’s SK Galaxy). Its silhouette is impossible to say anything – cool and hunched. Pass. The stylish, with lines sharpened slightly elongated silhouette Tandenberd de Grande Vinko (C Likhobory Olya Ermak x-Girl de Grande Vinko) did not seen his father giving children with heavier heads and more shirokotelyh. This puppy we hear. Third place went too stylish, but quite unprepared for the exhibition (it was first taken to the street for three days before the “Eurasia”) Don Kogyust Alawar (Mustang iz Zoosfery x Don Kogyust El Lada) – compact, vysokoperedy, with a deep chest and great legs male . Chin is also clearly not the father – still looks rather weak


PUPPIES . There were only two males – Por Tornado (Stamp of DD’s Euro Dynamics of Zoosf.) And Light Muroma Sanremo Egemon (C Likhobory Ermak x TSW Sicily). Past the first Tornado is perfectly physically developed, it has a flat top and a good head, visibly straightened corners of the hind limbs and very shackled movement. The main advantage of his rival – the perfect movement, but Egemon is not very powerful and has a slightly rustic head


The best, in my opinion, a puppy show was Lot’s Eve iz Zoosfery (SWH Ellington Garry x Erin iz Zoosfery) – a powerful, harmoniously built, with excellent posture and a strong temperament female with very strong jaws and flawless riding. She exhibited only on the second day. Becht judge did not share my enthusiasm, putting it in second place. I think that among the pups beside her could be only ERP Navarre (Pimms x Brava Barcelona from DD) – vysokoperedaya and elegant, compact female. On the first day of the exhibition, in the absence of Eve Lots she was leading in the ring. Under Becht took third, behind second Eve Lot, and first-Three – very short-legged, with a soft back and straightened corners of the hind limbs, bad move. I was surprised by some arrangement, but this is literally stunned. I would call Troy unwanted dog type, disharmonious.

JUNIORS. ​​ Dogs. Large, deep, courageous, with a strong head, well-prepared for the exhibition littermates ERP Maradona and Moksito (Fedor del Nasi x ERP Barracuda boom) essentially losing their appeal on the trot – the movements themselves inelastic and silhouette of the body, it is a one-piece rack, crushed in movement. Competition until it was less than spectacular, but the right Oro and Plata de Grande Vinko (Leo f. Markish’s Hecate Landes de Vinko from Home Dolmenov)

Suk was bigger and stronger structure. Both days was leading ERP Maroussia, littermate Maradona and Mosquito. I have not seen her movements, but the rack is very good, feminine and harmonious. Vibliskhauzer second place gave Greta Garbo iz Zoosfery (from Bright’s Zoosfery phenomenon iz Zoosfery) – stylish, large, proportional and very feminine with a beautiful head. In Becht she took third. Deep, large, with a beautiful body and vysokoperedym sufficiently expressive head brown Atlantis Athletics from Cape Khersones (Ron del Fiorsilva x Sweet Cherry with my cape Chersonese) under Vibliskhauzerom ranked third under Becht – the second

. .

INTERMEDIA The undisputed leader of the class, out of competition, in my opinion, was a mullah iz Zoosfery (Patos x Damayanti iz Zoosfery) – athletic aristocrat, of medium height, harmonious and courageous with the perfect horse and strong, broad movements. Both days he lost first place brought from Germany to the exhibition Por One (Boris from DD’s from Sharon Zoosfery) with great substance, stocky, with too massive and round skull head and bad behavior in the ring. Kobelev was difficult to manage, especially in trot, with that did not deliver even the experienced Andrew, specifically called for Handling of Riga. The second exhibition successfully demonstrated excellent Schedule Line Suzdal (Pluto de Grande Vinko’s Schedule Line Florence) – in sharpness silhouette lines it slightly inferior to the mother, but as a whole makes a very good and impressive impression.

Bitches intermediate class. Both days of the first, both days CACIB Reserve brought to the exhibition from Surgut charming Etna Mons iz Zoosfery (Patos x Damayanti iz Zoosfery). It is not fear of being accused of bias, declare – Etna Mons was the best dog of both exhibitions. It embodies femininity and power and become the confident elegance of lines and force. Her movements are wide and elastic, although the flue and the stability display is still there, and showed the powerful and temperamental female fragile and low-Sveta Moore could hardly keep running next to this horse. Both days the second place in the ring at the brown fine physical development and well-built ERP Krali (Fedor’s Euro-Dynamics iz Zoosfery).

Do not show up quite well under Vibliskhauzerom Chopard iz Zoosfery (C x Lih.Ermak Argenta Uma Black Mamba iz Zoosfery) – fine, medium-strong with some ponderous skull and proud bearing. On the second day she found her characteristic courage, clearly demonstrated its advantages – the third “excellent»


OPEN CLASS. There undoubtedly reigned Teraline Midgard (Paco Ducker’s Teraline Aurora), something vaguely similar to his noble father. It has a medium height, excellent bone, a spectacular posture. For absolute perfection he just lacks the neck length and severity of hind limb angles. His movements are not just good, but great fulfilled. Its huge and athletic-handler quickly rushes the ring and next to it is easy prances Midgard. Me in this Kobiele somehow bothers sooner fallen belly, white tongue after jogging and doubtful right Vogt on his possession (which is why I changed my mind knit him one of my favorites). Despite the comments, I think that he is rightfully received his CAC in the second day and the reserve CAC in -! In the first.

The exhibition Vibliskhauzera second place got here a large, elegant, stylish and spirited, but just hudovata after an illness iz Zoosfery Escobar, brother of Etna Mons and Efendi, who on the second day was not present. In Becht second place was not exhibited on the first day Honorebl Ross iz Zoosfery (F, Hiram Abiff Royal Bell x C Likhobory Esther) – of medium height with a mighty deep chest, strong bones, beautiful masculine head, a little chunky, but keeping proportion and elegance .

SUKI.Na my opinion the most striking here looked krupnovat, temperamental and stylish Russian coloring Charming Lady (Boris from DD’s Pepe Pompidou Piligrimas). I can not recognize its successful demonstration – a bit too temperamental, with screwing, because of which look back myagkovato. As a result, both days 3rd place. Its typical contrast – a small fine and noble Santa Julf Niagara (Livonias Baron Ikos Immortal’s CIO Amazon). From the remarks just one – unstable strong top. Vibliskhauzer gave her the first place, it is not noticed Becht. Very nice to me it seemed perfectly painted beautiful and stylish with perfect riding Irinland Sarin Amber Ale (Irinland Airon Amber Ale x Irinland Ella Istrays). Under Vibliskhauzerom 2nd, under Becht – class winner


THE WORKING CLASS. Large (razmerchik, favorite Vibliskhauzerom), mature, solid, incredibly krepkokostny Fan Fan de Castle Vinko (Tamerlane from SS’s Notre Dame de Vinko) not only took first place in the classroom, but also was recognized as the best male of the first day. On the second day in the same part of the participants under Becht he was third. Both days served in the class runner Brabus from Home Domain (Fedor x Barcelona from the blast of the house). He was the most stylish member of the class, but slightly longish and still rather flat, despite its age. Who took third place in the Do not have time to see how to Vibliskhauzerom and the first under Becht TSW X-Trail (S.Lih.Deodar x TSW Integra) I then, or simply did not understand. But it is a large and spectacular dog. On the first day – the third place, in the second – the first. The most dense and compactly built dog of exhibition Mustang Zoosfery (Nitro del Riobyanko Prunus x iz Zoosfery) slightly hunched, and his magnificent strong and aristocratic expression head spoil short cropped ears – both days evaluation “excellent»


FEMALES. Only two in the class. Both are quite decent. stable results. First place in increased with faulty riding Gladys Grace (Pimms x Athenais Aurora f.Anberi), the second – in a noble, but a small step to a rather narrow pore Ferenzi (Urbano’s Sharon iz Zoosfery)


CHAMPIONS. Both days there was in the lead PRIDE OF RUSSIA FERRO (Urbano’s Sharon iz Zoosfery) On the first day he showed up clearly below their capabilities, look skukozhilas with retracted neck. I did not have a proud posture. Vibliskhauzer long compared him with suddenly appeared to me in the ring after a long absence from Lokis Zoosfery (Tahi-Reme Gerret’s Nikita iz Zoosfery) – tall, slim, stylish with a perfectly honed riding, noble head and fantastic posture. The judge is clearly not in a hurry, allowing a good seem Ferro, but he did not take advantage. Vibliskhauzer not wait, but still chose Ferro. Браузер FreeU позволяет обходить блокировку сайтов, а также посещать заблокированные социальные сети. Имеет встроенный VPN и Unity-плеер для игр в соцсетях. Работает на Windows и Android. Unfortunately, Lokis the second exhibition was not recorded. Under Becht Ferro he seemed nice and got not only CAC, but the reserve CACIB. Quite deservedly.

A small, but very harmonious, medium-strong and absolutely elegant Severyan iz Zoosfery (Euro Diesel iz Zoosfery’s phenomenon iz Zoosfery) dropped out of the spotlight Vibliskhauzera – simply “excellent”, and Becht appreciated it much more highly – second place <./p>

Both of the day it does not matter demonstrated Italo Dei Douai Intent (Patos x Uno di Mei di Villa Castelli) – is placing


FEMALES. Easily won the class both days Por La Dolce Vita (Fedor x Barcelona from DD) – a harmonious (in contrast to the older sister), proportioned dog with a decent traffic. I would say that for the recognition that both days she got, the dog just lacks the brightness, so it was not noticed at the Best in Show. That’s all I have to say. Not all dogs that I have kept silent, not worthy of attention, but I’m not all able to see and consider as showing dogs.

Some dogs “iz Zoosfery” on “Eurasia”

Eva Lotta iz Zoosfery (Smart Wood Hills Ellington Garry x Erin iz Zoosfery)
in puppy class got 2nd “very promising.”

Efendi iz Zoosfery Efendi iz Zoosfery Efendi iz Zoosfery

Efendi iz Zoosfery (Patos della Quercia Nera x Damayanti iz Zoosfery)
both days got 2nd “excellent”

ELBASAR iz Zoosfery ELBASAR iz Zoosfery ELBASAR iz Zoosfery

ELBASAR iz Zoosfery (Patos della Quercia Nera x Damayanti iz Zoosfery)
in open class I got 2nd “excellent” (Vibliskhauzer)

Etna MONS iz Zoosfery Etna MONS iz Zoosfery Etna MONS iz Zoosfery

Etna MONS iz Zoosfery (Patos della Quercia Nera x Damayanti iz Zoosfery)
in intermediate class about the day he received the 1st “excellent”, CAC and reserve CACIB

DRIVE iz Zoosfery DRIVE iz Zoosfery

DRIVE iz Zoosfery (Master Of Max Dzharmati x BMW Bavaria iz Zoosfery)
the working class was rated 4th “excellent” (Vibliskhauzer)


MUSTANG BODNERGAS iz Zoosfery (Nitro del Riobyanko Prunus x iz Zoosfery)
the working class both days was rated “excellent”

Lokis iz Zoosfery Lokis iz Zoosfery

Lokis iz Zoosfery (Tahi-Reme Gerret’s Nikita iz Zoosfery)
in the champion class was rated 2nd “excellent” (Vibliskhauzer)

Chopard iz Zoosfery Chopard iz Zoosfery Chopard iz Zoosfery

Chopard iz Zoosfery (C Likhobory Ermak x Argenta Uma Black Mamba iz Zoosfery)
got in the intermediate class rating of “Very good” (Vibliskhauzer) and evaluation of the third “excellent” (Becht)

Greta Garbo iz Zoosfery Greta Garbo iz Zoosfery Greta Garbo iz Zoosfery Greta Garbo iz Zoosfery

Greta Garbo iz Zoosfery (from Bright’s Zoosfery Phenomenon iz Zoosfery)
in junior class was rated 2nd “excellent” (Vibliskhauzer) and third “excellent” (Becht)

Severiano iz Zoosfery Severiano iz Zoosfery Severiano iz Zoosfery

Severiano iz Zoosfery (Euro Diesel iz Zoosfery’s Phenomenon iz Zoosfery)
in the champion class was rated “excellent” (Vibliskhauzer) and 2nd “excellent” (Becht)