To Paris, on business, urgently!

The story about the mating of Kabbalah iz Zoosfery with PRIDE OF RUSSIA Caspian and the next adventures of “poor dobermanista”.

«Knit have no one” – a fairly common phrase in recent owners of females. Previously, some which were males – about-ho-ho! – Quirinus Gamon yes, the food was fatter privivestee vaccinations and shoppers stand in line for puppies and did not ask about the price.
However, I, on the contrary, suffered from an overabundance of candidates for a second husband for Bella. And such like, and syakogo and order, and even here it a try. However, for obvious reasons, the womb of the female is not the place for a salad. It was necessary to choose. Eugene G., identified several combinations, significantly narrowed the field of sexual harassment Kabbalah and finally loomed one direction – Paris



  • – Oh, Mon Plaisir, we’re going to Paris! – I said, Kabbalah and read on her face (well, not in the same face, the right word) the expression of the utmost concern.

  • – Let’s just no adventure! –
  • finally said Bell.

I pretended that dogs do not talk, and gave himself up to dreams. I introduced myself postroynevshim walking the Trocadero, the Rue de Rivoli, Place Pigalle, and finally, acquainting with the sultry mulatto somewhere in the Bois de Boulogne.
Prospects as canine and romantic, inspired me and I immediately wrote a letter to Farida and Anya – owners wonderful PRIDE OF RUSSIA Caspian, who has fallen and our choice
. I have acted in advance to foresee everything. Farid kindly sent an invitation, I have collected all the documents and immediately after the Christmas holidays, visited the French Embassy visa center.
Documents adopted quickly, and after 3 days was given a visa. only 2 months – the only disappointment was the visa period. I asked for a year. But nothing important that visas already in the bag.

* * *

The days dragged on, but Bella did not think to be empty. We have already passed all the time. Farid phoned twice, then decided that I did change my mind, no longer bother me. And I, in turn, tried to figure out what to do if in heat will start after the end visa period.
But everything turned out well. Bella began to flow, Eugene G. in those days, too, was going to fly to France in a place Mizieres-sur-Seine in the nursery «Devil Inside» (ie, “Devil in the soul”) to watch puppies were born there, and the Caspian Sea as the time passed in this nursery preparing for IPO.
Fly together, unfortunately, it did not happen, but we agreed to meet. I bought a ticket on a flight Air Berlin, with a change in Düsseldorf. March 21 at the height of the match of “Spartacus” with “Zenith” (Julia Boldinova informed me via SMS course of the meeting), I went to “Domodedovo”.
Loaded the rain. Off to my friends reassured that this is a good sign, and taken immediately to the reception.
At first all went well. Then he suddenly jumped a young airline and asked the manager to boxing, which was flying the Bell, we wrapped tape criss-cross, because there have been cases when the box was opened and the dog ran away. I did this procedure is quite rough and then manager with some special thoroughness personally wasted on my boxing two rolls of wide adhesive tape.
Let’s go take a cage in the baggage. There was not some boss. And without the chief cells are not accepted. Finally, came the chief, looked at the box, nodded silently and solemnly retired to his superior posts anywhere. Boxing Bella took, and I ran to the passport control, because before the flight was only 30 minutes.
On the control worked two cabins, which endless row dragged on for some reason, the four queues. Within 20 minutes I was moved by only 5 meters. Somewhere in the stomach sucked unpleasant and spine cold drop of sweat rolled down. At that moment the loudspeaker directly above me burst a few shrill female voice, which demanded that the passenger will refund immediately passed the gate.

– I’m standing in a queue, see what’s going on here! – I exclaimed, turning to the right loudspeaker.
– They will not hear. – Quiet and reacted resignedly standing next to the passenger. In his hands he held a boarding pass for your flight, then posted on the scoreboard like.

Optimism is not added.
Then I noticed that the front, near the cabins have control, people in the queue are mixed, forming a disorderly crowd. I went there a little bit shuffled and surprisingly was one of the first.
The interior of A-320, I rushed at the last moment, slumped in a chair, took out a DVD, portable players, including some new film with Matt Damon, where he runs around Iraq, and waited for the truck to come with drinks.

* * *

Two and a half hours before flying Düsseldorf quickly enough. Between flights I had an hour. I went through passport control, he moved to the other wing of the airport, I saw a bar and immediately drank German beer.

Good malting and generously hopped amber drink nice ass in the stomach. Could pass for a landing on the next flight to Paris.
On the boarding pass, I asked about the dog. Girl somewhere called and confirmed to me that everything is fine, Bella, boxing is now immerse. It turned out that Paris is no longer flying the A-320, a small Bombardier Canadair Regional Jet. With barely squeezed into the cabin, I found that does not fit in the chair. Fortunately, the aircraft proved to be half empty and I found two seats, which rose armrests. There I nestled.
Airplane was about to take off, suddenly climbed into the cabin, two police officers, at least it seemed to me that it is the police who asked: “Hu from Mr Verney?»
. I raised my hand and at the same moment was captured by brave men, naredkost quickly lowered the ladder and push in the emergency vehicles. I caught a glimpse of what boxing Bella carried out of the aircraft and set up on the truck.
I took out a mobile phone and managed to send one SMS Natasha Romanova, which reported that happening to me.

I grabbed a knife from the table stationery and this caused confusion crowd. Pristrelennym be in Düsseldorf’s airport did not want to. I tried to portray a smile on the face of Hollywood. Probably it did not work very well, because some people moved back to the wall, and brave warriors, take me to the place of examination, were drawn to special means on the belt. Gestured to the box, plastered with tape, I slowly began to move in his direction, and already cut up when the first layer of tape, felt the tension eased.
Freeing from the bonds of boxing, I released Bella. Barbara seems to be filched breath. But maybe she was looking forward to, as it is now in a cell will find a couple of kilos of hashish. I was told to bring the dog into the street that I was terribly pleased. Bella gladly pee, he jumped up and licked my cheek. At this time, as many as 5 people dismantled piece by piece my boksik, shaking Bellini litter, tapping the bottom. The further continued their action, the greater the disappointment on the faces of the unfortunate stood out with the Russian fighters smuggling.
Finally they called me back and asked, “Hunde ausvays”. I started to spread out of the bag veterinary passport, the international veterinary certificate, European veterinary form of chipping a passport, certificate of serologic tests for the presence of antibodies to rabies, a copy of pedigree … Verifier absolutely drooped, have given me all the documents, said “enshuldegen” and invited into the car, to go back to the plane.
Meanwhile, I was waiting for the liner passengers, languishing from lack of air. I climbed the ladder and was immediately attacked by some Russian-speaking citizen in sweatpants, who flew to Paris for the event with the children. He was displeased with me, my dog, my size and seems to be my mother. Recently brought me out of myself, I grabbed him by the shirt and asked to count the teeth ladder rungs. There arrived, nervous wife “sporty”, which is reasonable to assume that we are now all taken away to the police and we were generally will not fly away. Vowing to find me after the passenger seated on the seat.

* * *

Prior to Paris flew very quickly. The porthole with amazing picture – night town. Photography, of course, be blurred, but I still want to show.

Out of the airport building, no control was gone. Immediately I met joyful Farid, and then came Anya children – Rustam and youngest Asker.

Got a bag of luggage and still no boxing. Farid ran to look at Bella airport. It took probably about twenty minutes. Finally, he found a box in a completely different room.
Bella even walk, we were loaded into a huge car and went to the nursery, “Devil Inside”. We arrived close to midnight. Alarmed many dogs in cages. The landlord Sebastian brought the Caspian Sea, and Farid luminaries us automobile headlights. Bell seems to have been set up for many cooking and sniffing, but the Caspian Sea, a couple of times licking Bella Nose, immediately opened it more interesting part of the body, and proved himself a real man, in spite of malnutrition and deprivation during the temper process.

* * *

On Monday I had a rest and visited the supermarket. I walked along the numerous and endless shelves with cheeses, sausages, cured pork, oysters and wine. I was ready to buy it! But I had to restrain their appetite. Took only 4 kg of cheese, a kilo of dried pork, 4 loaf of moldy amazing sausage in braided, oysters and 3 bottles of wine just in a room while away an evening.

A Eugene G. at that time was trying to get to the city from Charles de Gaulle airport, where he hired a hefty bumpkin Negro, continually repeats the phrase: “Okay, mister.” I must say that in this case the knowledge of the taxi driver of the city was not “okay.” When after two hours circling around the square Revolyuson Eugene G. suggested that the taxi driver still proceed to Voltaire Street, negro once again said “okay” and continued circling. I had to call on his mobile Faith, old friend Eugene G., who now lives in Paris, she went on foot to the spot and rescued Rosenberg from African French Susanin.

* * *

Tuesday. Farid drove me and we went to the “Devil Inside”. Eugene G. and Vera were already there.
At first, we did control the binding of the Caspian Sea and the Kabbalah. Photographed the couple together, and then removed the Caspian Sea next to the gigantic challenge cup, which he earned as Best Doberman France 2010. Prior to this cup, by the way, was in the “Devil Inside” in the house Sandrine and Sebastien, because the best Doberman last year was Mitt del Nasi.

After photographing we went into the house to watch puppies from Mitt del Nazi and Russian coloring Tsar’a Bella.

Mitto del Nasi

Russian coloring Tsar’a Bell

Eugene G. put the puppies, and I photographed. One Kobelkov he really looked, and tell you a secret, probably YOG will bring him to Moscow. He also chose and swirls, which will arrive in one of the Russian kennels. By the way, what do you think, what to put puppies? Well, of course, in the real Camembert luxury – it’s France


Having a lot of satisfaction from the puppies, we went to a local Asian restaurant for a farewell dinner, where the beat on a Szechuan duck sauce, rolls stuffed with vegetables and giant prawns grilled with spicy-sweet sauce Chinese. Bon appetite!

* * *

Wednesday, the day of departure. Farid with Anya, and Asker Rustam did not go home and spent the night at a hotel in Mizieres-sur-Seine, early in the morning to take me to the airport, for which I was incredibly grateful.
At 6 am we loaded all the stuff in the car and go. Initially, the road was good, and I’m still mulling over plans that you can buy in “duty free” at the airport. Soon, however, the unexpected happened. On one of the highway, as luck would have limited on both sides of the fence and do not have the next congress, the accident occurred. Car stood a solid wall.
As time went. At first we joked about a possible delay. Then, this prospect has ceased to seem unreal. For 50 minutes, we have advanced only 2.5 km away, and it was necessary to pass on the highway 11 km !!!
To the right was an empty backup band. According to her, we were not allowed to move, but decided to risk it. Think if stopped by the police, it will show my Russian passport and tickets – well, shall enter into the position
. But we were not allowed to drive. French drivers, seeing that we are trying to climb on the back-up band, immediately took to the right, sticking to the strip noses of their machines in a way that places us no choice. In some cases, Farid managed by removing the mirror to navigate skillfully between the fence and machines, but at one point the car is still scratched.

We understand that has in no way on the flight did not have time. Farid called from a mobile phone to the airline, and they offered to rebook tickets for Thursday with a surcharge of 200 euros. There was nothing, I agreed.
In the car hung sad silence. And here we are all terribly amused Rustam.


  • – Daddy! – he said suddenly. – Can I have something to tell you a secret
  • .         

  • – You can, – said Farid. – But Uncle Misha, probably also say the truth
  • ?         

  • – No! – Rustam excited. – Uncle Misha can not speak
  • !         

  • – Well, well – gave Farid – Uncle Misha did not say. So what’s your secret?

  • – Mom said yesterday … … Mom said – Rustam cautiously looked at me and turned back to Daddy – Mom said Uncle Misha looks like Winnie the Pooh
  • !

A curtain. Spectators tore their stomachs.

* * *

Farid gave me the hotel is near the airport and bought as a gift 8 cans of my favorite Guinness.

Almost all night did not sleep, afraid suddenly something else happens. The benefit of this hotel was an early breakfast from 4am. I carefully walked with Bella, gathered all things, had breakfast, loaded into the “shuttle” and drove to Orly. At 5:30 cell Bella was already at the door of the airport.

The way back was uneventful. Except that in “Domodedovo” has not come a taxi, which I ordered.
Offers local mafia connections to the city for some unimaginable amount I rejected. Then I was approached by a man and offered cheaply to leave the city on the big machine. For 1700 rubles conspired.
As a result, I was driving home on a minibus some Buddhist religious organization. The interior was orange and it was hung with paper lanterns and bells. He drove a car bald monk who hardly spoke in Russian.
Well, well, the next journey is finished and completed the next adventure. Let’s wait for puppies, God forbid, the Caspian Sea and Bella will not fail.