San Marino and Israel

A.Kalashnikov San Marino – a mysterious country …
E.Rozenberg. If it was not invited to the exhibition, probably, for me would have remained a mystery, where the country is. It turned out that this tiny very beautiful mountain country in which lives a total of 40 000 people, is located in Italy. However, San Marino is already quite a fair amount of centuries absolutely no one is independent and live their lives. Of course, the Italian influence is very much felt. San Marino is largely dependent on tourists and they are strongly focused. There are lots of stalls packed with all sorts of nonsense. It is enough to look around to understand how all this kiosk kitsch contradicts the beauty of the country, its culture, ancient architecture, preserved in stunning condition. Everything is incredibly well maintained and reminds deployed exhibition of a giant museum. Such is the country exposure. As for the dog show, it was remarkably organized in everything from the territory. Rings arranged in several layers, on individual sites. Over each the ring taut tent awning protection from the sun. It was very loud and clear.

– Probably a lot of dogs from Italy
? – Yes, I think that most. Although, as far as I know, the exhibition in San Marino is very popular in Europe and it come from many countries. It’s pretty big, is held in two days, but the load on each expert very small – no more than 40-45 dogs per day. Therefore, both the day relatively early end. With regard to the preparation of the documents, folders, ring-skill teams – all flawlessly.

– San Marino – the name of not only the country but also the capital
? – Yes, of San Marino – a city. There is no airport, so you need to fly to Italy, and then to follow here. I must say that the organizers of the exhibition is not particularly ceremony with experts. When we invite foreign judges in Russia, then we provide them maximum attention, perhaps even excessive, and often act as caring nurses. In San Marino, such tutelage is not accepted. We had known the exhibition regulations, and then – if you please, in time to plunge into the bus on time to enter the ring, etc. This principle can not be compared with how to meet and accompany the expert, for example, in Finland, Norway or Sweden. There’s a completely different attitude to the invited experts, all provided to the minutest details, and if you still have questions, the experts immediately come to the rescue. For many dog ​​trainers tempting to visit San Marino and they, like me, willing to respond to the invitation. Hence, some of the organizers spoiled, but maybe I’m wrong, and they are just very punctual and business people, and other behavior does not represent.

The finalists of the 2nd group

In the San Marino I was asked to judge a lot of rocks. Among them were Dobermans, Standard and Miniature Pinscher. Last I liked, and the best among them was a direct descendant of our Russian dog. Also, I tried all the retrievers. There were many, and they were very high class. This popular breed here, especially golden retrievers. In general, the exhibition was not bad dogs, better or worse – yes. Dogs perfectly demonstrated, which is not surprising, since it has been involved a lot of smart handlers. For example, I came from Slovakia Gregor known handler and it seemed to me that the local breeders appreciate it.
If we talk about the breeds of dogs, the more I liked Boston terriers and mercilessly cropped, but very beautiful Newfoundlands. We left a good impression Mountain Dog. They were exhibited in the adjacent ring, I watched them when there is a pause. Like Newfoundland, some of them were intimately familiar with the scissors. Won male, who, it seemed to me, somewhat inferior to the magnificent female. Perhaps the expert gave priority to it because they do not want to encourage the owner was a short-haired female. Terriers were good, which was judged by a Russian expert Les Chistyakov.

Finals Best in Show FCI

English Bulldog was the reserve winner Best in Show

– Do you like the winner of the exhibition? As you thought it was a random selection of judges?
– Someone told me that the Samoyed winning Best in Show belongs to one of the San activists Marinsky Kennel Club and it seems that this dog has been paid attention emphatically. Samoyed and in fact was quite good, and such a dog is not ashamed to show, but in comparison with some other prize-winners Best, he looked modest. I was very impressed by the strong English bulldog, won reserve Best in Show. I do not know from which country he, but it was a great representative of the breed, and the difference in his favor to me conspicuous.

– Have you done enough to officiate in a comfortable environment
? – Yes. I had a Russian assistant, so I could give a description of the native language. She, in turn, are well known and Russian, and Italian, and therefore could provide dog owners completely adequate translation. I tried as much as possible to describe in detail the dog, the benefit was enough time. Perhaps, for some participants complete descriptions were a novelty. At least one of them, the owner pinscher, expressed bewilderment over completely normal canine terminology. For example, he called the objections of the word “dog above average growth” as it actually was. This owner believed that if the dog’s height is within the standard, then the animal can not be taller than average. In addition, in the description, I pointed out that the dog is almost parallel to each other profile the top line of the muzzle and the skull. The word “almost” again raised eyebrows. When the dog brought to me the second time, I again made sure that these lines do not quite parallel. Later I was told that the local breeders accustomed to a cursory descriptions, where such nuances do fall.

Exhibition in San Marino. Competition nurseries.

Belgian Shepherds club had prepared me a present

– I was invited several times to judge in Israel, but it has always coincided with some other things. I still had a couple of times on Israeli exhibitions, but not as an expert, and then at me has not made much of an impression organizational side of things. Somehow, I would say that about. This time, I was finally able to respond to the invitation and worked on three exhibitions: one dedicated two mnogoporodnyh.
I was surprised that the exhibition took place on Friday and Saturday, and Saturday in Israel in general non-traditional day for any training. When I expressed my surprise about this, I was told that not all breeders are religious, and tradition of doing nothing on the Sabbath, do not make atheists does not apply. Although everyone understands that to some extent it still reduced the number of participants, but most of it was so convenient.
Particularly impressed by Dane Specialty Show Dobermann me, exceptionally well organized, with the ring of a completely unimaginable beauty of the lawn. This grass, dense, bright and soft, I had never seen before. The feeling that you step on a very soft and fluffy carpet.

– Where is this exhibition held
? – The kibbutz in the north of the country. This kibbutz provides dog breeders dedicated to the practice site, and including for small exhibitions with 2-3 ring. Dobermans exhibition was not only well organized, but nicely decorated, beautifully lit – it was in the evening. Dog shows are not so many, but they were very good.

Born in Russia Teraline Italie recognized BOS exhibition

– Dobermans which basically had origins
? – The winners of the local dog breeding, but mixed with the pan-European blood. The best was a great big brown dog, zainbridirovanny, again, on the local champion of the world, Figaro.

Figaro, in turn, I was born in Israel, and also the world champion, born in Israel. They have formed a very good, strong line in the breed, but on the whole the best dogs were still in Russia. A couple of them I had to be fined for the behavior of the inept display, but they were very good class.

– And with the temperament of the dogs had no problems
? – In dogs, there was, most owners. They behave in the ring about the Italians: they want to show your dog in the most expressive manner, with a large bust. Sometimes it’s impressive, but they were running, galloping like mad dogs and plants without any action. I had to intervene in this process, although I am not an opponent of double Handling.

– And the rest of the exhibitions on display only local dogs
? – visitors were not only Israelis
– At the exhibition felt the presence of immigrants from Russia
? – Of course, many people who came from Russia. When I tried schnauzers, I was even asked to dictate descriptions in Russian, because almost all the owners were from Russia. On the other rings also had a lot of Russian-speaking, but, obviously, they are all well accustomed here, knew Hebrew. At least the feeling that in front of me bewildered emigrants did not arise.
As for the organization of exhibitions mnogoporodnyh, it was a bit primitive. I’m not talking about the fact that neither one of them did not have a directory, even though they were all wearing the official status of SAS. In Israel directories generally not accepted to release to the usual exhibitions. Their prints are for CACIB level exhibitions.

– How did they get out of the situation? Publish the list of participants on the Internet?
– The Internet may display the results, but in general they have some sort of reverent attitude to the office equipment. For example, at one of the exhibitions all descriptions were recorded using a laptop. That it was my major headache because no end to him that something was happening, and most of the time was spent on the repair of the device. At the same time they are not in a hurry to shut the lid, and argued that it is great, because the owner immediately receives a beautifully printed text description, and it is all very much. I was immediately relieved from having to sign documents. I once signed – big – on a sheet of paper, young children immediately produced a facsimile. This did not exist before in my practice. And yet, it was found that all the participants of the exhibition and my assistants in the ring including were very talkative, they are constantly communicating with each other, sharing their impressions. Such continuous friendly chat me sensitive hurt.

– A dog mainly Russian breeding
? – With the exception, perhaps, schnauzers, dogs from different countries of Europe and America.

you like schnauzers, which were presented
? – In general, not much. A little bit better than others were miniature schnauzer. The only giant schnauzer was completely expressionless, Schnauzer also not impressed.

– And what breed in Israel are the most popular
? – Already at the exhibition, I suddenly found among the rocks that had to judge a border collie, and this breed was the most richly represented. They were very good. Also, I liked the Australian Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, Tervuren and gryunendali. Best dog of the exhibition I found tervueren female.

– As the organizers of the exhibition are the experts? In San Marino?
– In Israel, took care of me very tight. There was a wonderful weather on the local views, but I’m not a big fan of the heat, and 26 degrees is not so much a holiday for me. But taking care of me constantly, every 15-20 minutes, someone brought a drink and somehow genuinely interested in my well-being. In general, all that they could do for the experts, they did.

The finalists of the Best-in-Show