Mono-breed exhibition November 11, 2007, Moscow

Expert Rob Dome (Netherlands)


The main thing that has led to this dobermanistov mono-breed show, – examination of the famous Dutch judge Rob Dome. Others specialists who work primarily with our breed, nobody believes. However, fans of Dobermans his opinion are interested, it is believed that the judges it is fundamentally and honestly. At the international website Doberman-Review in rating of the best experts on the breed after a long voting included a total of 19 experts from around the world, and Dome included in this list.

In the catalog the Moscow mono porodki 51 dogs, which at present is not bad. “Zoosfery” has registered 17 participants. Robert Dome and this time proved that he knows and understands the breed, versed in the existing types. It became clear how Dobermanns he prefers – elegant, with clean lines of the silhouette, even if these dogs have insufficient volume and bulk density. Of course, we are talking only about the trend: very very fine-boned and light dog, do not become class winner.
His view of the breed also has a right to exist, but, I confess, I did not close it. We have a lot of time and effort spent to obtain and disseminate good Doberman with strong bone, broad and deep chest with well-developed forechest, a large and powerful head. I do not think that it is time to abandon these achievements.
Another observation: if the majority of the judges, accidentally colliding with Dobermans, tend to attach too much importance to check movements and obviously prefer dogs just well trained properly move in the ring, consistently demonstrating the lynx, the Dome, in my opinion, has been too tolerant of unimportant movements . Even a complete dog’s refusal to move at a trot is not only deprived the highest rating a dog, but in fact does not reflect on its place in the balance.
The behavior of the dogs in the ring and not much occupied his attention.
Expertise in this exhibition I would call purely aesthetic. Each of us is free to evaluate this approach in their own way.
In total, the court expert presented three baby.

Best Baby expert called a brown solid, almost square format, elegant sensation iz Zoosfery (Euro Diesel iz Zoosfery’s phenomenon iz Zoosfery). She has an active temperament and a good exhibition of courage.

The best black BABY became a four-month compact, of medium height, harmonious and spectacular Thas iz Zoosfery (Nestor iz Zoosfery x Electra iz Zoosfery). Exhibited for the first time and it is unstable to show.

The only male in this age group also got “very promising.” Modus remembered East King Kum (Pluto x MO Circeya Tseya) mainly due to uncut ears and the tail. He has a good topline, while too small breasts and quite expressive head.

Sensation iz Zoosfery
(Euro Diesel iz Zoosfery’s phenomenon iz Zoosfery)

Santa Julf Izamar
(Livonias Baron Ikos Immortal’s Santa Julf Amaryllis)

Best Puppy of the exhibition is recognized as a black Santa Julf Izamar (Livonias Baron Ikos Immortal’s Santa Julf Amaryllis) with an interesting head, good posture, perfectly physically developed and superbly prepared. Her rather flat little loin likely eventually be filled with muscle and cease to pay attention to themselves.
I liked the two siblings brought from Montenegro by the famous Italian champion Pathos and Yugoslav mistress Israphel Maya. In black Israphel Athos Pathos long and courageous head, strong bones and very clear deep silhouette. His slightly forgive lightish fallen. In the class of dogs he gave primacy more mature forms of a dog, but much inferior to him in the breed.
Brown littermate Athos Pathos – sturdy and solid, perfectly shows in the ring Israphel Ave Atentator looks already as a junior – tightly folded, one-piece, with a good but less aristocratic than his brother, his head. Its Dome named best puppy-dog of.

Victory in the Chern classes of junior males tall, krepkokostny and muscular, with a long (32 cm.) Head flawless profile lines, with a clear passage and well-developed chin Sant KREAL Zvenislav (x Urbano SC Decoration). He has a beautiful topline, enough to dry neck, deep chest, moderate angles of hind limbs and a relatively bright tan.

Sant KREAL Zvenislav
(X Urbano SC Decoration)

Sant KREAL Jewel
(SK SK Yusupov’s Princess Presto)

Rachel iz Zoosfery
(Livonias Baron Hero Hieronimus x Magro iz Zoosfery)

The title of Best Junior got the bitch from the same famous Valdai kennel Sant KREAL Jewel (SK SK Yusupov’s Princess Presto). She is feminine, big, with a beautiful head, well angulated hindquarters, excellent substance. Ideal bothers me to call it a little smallish outlet neck.
Serious competition she was runner-up in the ring elegant, medium-sized, feminine and compact Rachel iz Zoosfery (Livonias Baron Hero Hieronimus x Magro iz Zoosfery), total wins in puppy class, many times won the Best puppy in Show. And on this day in the second, CAC-show “Capital”, she bypassed all his rivals with the Specialty Show and recognized as the Best Junior. In the ring at the Dome, it’s a little grimacing and fidgeting.

Cassandra (Pimmz Namber Ouen’s Milena Mon Amore)

Eria Pro DiCaprio Shrek
(X Pimmz Eria Pro Tsezarius Troy)

The brown junior title went to PRIDE OF RUSSIA Cassandra (Pimmz Namber Ouen’s Milena Mon Amore) and her littermates PRIDE OF RUSSIA Calypso – well painted, with nice head, excellent physical development, with a fairly strong top and this temperament. Cassandra was exhibited in the ring alone, and his brother were in a class of two rivals. Right behind him was in proportion and powerfully built, with a slightly deeper front pryamovatym Eria Pro DiCaprio Shrek (Pimmz x Eria Pro Tsezarius Troy).
Classes adult males were few but impressive leadership qualities.

intermediate class winner Lokis iz Zoosfery (Tahi Reme Gerett’s Nikita iz Zoosfery) admired within the body lines, chest depth, proportional and beautiful head. While his body a little lacking width.

Lokis iz Zoosfery
(Tahi Reme Gerett’s Nikita iz Zoosfery)

Giotto iz Zoosfery
(Master Max’s BMW Bavaria iz Zoosfery)

Siegfried iz Zoosfery
(Hieronymus x Yamaha Flocks of Glorious)

Open Class Winner of Giotto Zoosfery (Master Max’s BMW Bavaria iz Zoosfery) – elegant, noble, with a spectacular posture, excellent angulation, bright red and tan long springy step. In the same class won second place at the exhibition was brought from St. Petersburg Siegfried iz Zoosfery (Hieronimus x Yamaha of Glorious pack) – incredibly vysokoperedy strictly square format, with proud to put dry neck, very deep with a convex forbrust feeding. He still lacks the width, although in profile it looks mighty. Moves quickly and boldly.
WINNER class winner – compelling Ernie iz Zoosfery (Obishults di Campovalano x BMW Bayern). You can certainly give some meaning of its minor flaws, but do not notice the delightful kingship of this large and powerful dog with the head of a strong and brave modeling, the exact proportions, with well-developed chin and clever confident dark eyes! He moves easily, widely and flexibly. I believe that he was one of the main exhibition of jewelry and is a complete reflection of aristocracy Doberman.

(Ali Amadeus Piligrimas x Paola Penelope Piligrimas)

Ernie iz Zoosfery
(Obishults di Campovalano x BMW Bavaria)

Modus Ost Wild Wind
(Pluto’s MO Gottin Gera)

Livonias Baron Igneus Iris

Champion class, and along with the holder of the title Best black male became Modus Ost Wild Wind (Pluto’s MO Gottin Gera). Harmoniously proportioned, almost square format, medium-strong, with a lovely topline, manly good lines and proportions of his head. His appearance is somewhat spoiled and deprived of solidity excessively tight stomach and chest not long enough. But some drawbacks exterior nothing compared with the defects of his behavior, which have clearly hereditary nature. He grew up in the hands of an experienced dobermanista, dog trained qualified professionals, so you can not write off its behavior on the common mistakes in education. Not wanting to escape, he immediately began to show aggression to the owner, tried to tear her clothes and made it clear that is capable of even more dangerous actions. Since similar behavior, we were able to observe not the first time, I consider it dangerous to the handler, and no less dangerous for the breed because it is still used as the manufacturer.

The second place in this class occupied a tall, very strong, with enough dry neck, nice top, excellent croup, high set tail, brightly colored Drive iz Zoosfery (Master Max’s BMW Bavaria iz Zoosfery).
The exhibition was only one adult brown male – a massive, somewhat overweight, but proportioned Livonias Baron Igneus Iris (Ali Amadeus Piligrimas x Paola Penelope Piligrimas). He is recognized as the best brown male.

Now for the adult females. Star females in the ring at the Dome was quite a lot – enough to decorate three or four exhibitions
. Intermediate class winner of Kabbalah Zoosfery (Hieronymus x BMW Bayern) behaved temperamental and with great advantage. It is easily fixed in flight rack. The ideal height, precisely shaped cereals, high set tail, correct angle of limbs strong, very deep and broad chest, the most elastic and wider stance makes it irresistible to most experts. I think that the Dome appreciates above all other virtues, but in the ring it on the full range of qualities could only argue passed a second and no less powerful Barcelona Brava from the blast Houses (Fedor del Nasi x Barcelona from home domain), which is also not so too much air under the breast.

Kabbalah iz Zoosfery
(Hieronymus x BMW Bavaria)

Brava Barcelona from Home Domeni
(Fedor del Nasi x Barcelona House from the blast)

Open Class Winner Modus Ost Mado (MO Ezra Erg x Ninel Assienta Nero) is the complete opposite of his rivals in this class of Nefertiti Zoosfery (Ernie Zoosfery x Shalima f.Hanzeaten). Highlegged, medium-strong with fine lines, housing, legkovat head Mado greater liking expert than the maximum krepkokostnaya somewhat stocky with a broad and deep chest, a clear top-line and strong legs, roundish skull of Nefertiti’s head.

Modus Ost Mado
(MO Ezra Erg x Ninel Nero Assienta)

Nefertiti iz Zoosfery
(Ernie Zoosfery x Shalima f.Hanzeaten)

Damayanti iz Zoosfery
(Master Max’s BMW Bavaria)

Working Class Winner is recognized as one of the most elegant Russian branch of Damayanti Zoosfery (Master Max’s BMW Bavaria). I’m not quite sure what all the experts are equally interpret the definition of & lt; & gt ;. elegance For me, for example, it is inseparable from the “castle” concept. Easy addition of more rustic sign, rather than the nobility. Certainly different on this topic discusses Dome.

In Damayanti slightly elongated and very clearly traced the lines of the silhouette. When strong bones, long and strong head, long, dry and muscular neck, proud posture is perceived as a very elegant dog.
The beauty of her rival, who took the ring in the second place, an entirely different nature. Xena Zealand iz Zoosfery (Hieronimus x Yamaha) is strictly square body size, strong and short top, very deep chest with the accented bottom line. It is worthy of each other rivals. I think that they will not again be another change places – depending on taste expert


WINNER CLASS WINNERS Modus Ost Riga Regal (Hitch Cock x Evva Eurydice), I did not immediately recognize: it is very pomoschnela in recent months, the breast is much deeper, and posture acquired nobility. Her head could have a parallel line profile and a little more than a broad nasal bridge.

Modus Ost Riga Regal
(Hitch Cock x Evva Eurydice)

S’Lichobor Esther
(Nestor iz Zoosfery S’Lichobor x Cherry)

Rensdorff Evangelista
(Tamerlane’s Rensdorf Amaridzh)

Champion Class Winner, Best Dobermann Exhibition expert acknowledged medium-sized, medium-strong, chiseled lines and correct proportions feminine, with a beautiful head, excellent expression S’Lichobor Esther (Nestor iz Zoosfery S’Lichobor x Cherry). This is a very one-piece dog with an excellent temperament and behavior in the ring. I think she might like specialists with very different notions of beauty Doberman.
During the examination of brown females – there were only four, one in the class, – Dome slightly deviated from his usual preference and selected as the best brown dog is very large, powerful, but keep the femininity and harmony Rensdorff Evangelista (Tamerlane’s Rensdorf Amaridzh), worthy of the Incarnate a positive features of her beautiful parents. I matured and already giving birth Evangelists widened front ennobled posture while maintaining the graphic quality silhouette lines.

S’Lichobor Esther

In the final arrangement of brown females she conceded champion class Rush Missile Defense (Hitch Cock x Evva Eurydice) and the winner of the open class of Danuta Zoosfery (Master Max’s BMW Bavaria). A strong, well-built as a whole Danuta little too sloping croup, and elegant, medium-firm and medium-sized Rocket Rush lacks precision body proportions.

Looking forward to fresh and not partisan expert, we got exactly that. It’s okay do not see that the taste does not always coincide with ours, but he was honest and very clear. Exhibition was organized well, passed and left fond memories in good style.