Memories of DOSAAF and MGOLS

Fans of Dobermans, boxers, Great Danes and a few other breeds thrown out of the DOSAAF system in 1972. Signed the historic order of Major General tank troops, his name I do not remember. The wording was something like this: from 1 January 1973 to consider the listed breeds are not official, of DOSAAF system to eliminate them and move to the clubs decorative dog. Of course, it was a complete nonsense, if only because that DOSAAF had no right to anything ordering clubs decorative dog. So we ended up with the dogs on the streets.

Brood of young Moscow, 1961 DOSAAF.. Brood young. Moscow, 1961. DOSAAF

There was nothing but an attempt to somehow unite with dekorativschikami. Their club in Moscow, located in a small basement Khoroshevskoye highway. It was headed by a senior citizen proydoshistogo kind Klavdievich Nikolai Volkov. his dog was not interested in principle. In the corner of the room lay the pedigrees of the pack. On account, of course, and the speech was not. In one lineage could peacefully coexist Pekingese and Japanese quinine, in the other – Pinscher and Toy Terriers … It just bred small dogs. They came to the old woman, spread a newspaper on the table, put on her fried chicken and cucumbers, eating, drinking tea, discussing family problems, kissing dogs. With surprise and without any interest they have learned from us that there are dog breeding rules, such as the animal husbandry science and genetics.

Moscow, 1962. The exhibition DOSAAF. First in the ring well-known favorite of those years Zitta (vl.Zhuravlev). Demonstrates its famous breeder G.Katurkina
Moscow, 1962. Exhibition DOSAAF. First in the ring well-known favorite of those years Zitta (vl.Zhuravlev). Demonstrates its known breeder G.Katurkina

Former dosaafovtsam somehow it was hard to come to terms with the fact that their dog suddenly turned into a fine. We decided to create a club on the basis of a decorative new organization, uniting fans of dogs of different breeds and purposes – the Moscow City Society for dog lovers (MGOLS). Formed the organizing committee, which first entered R.Pushkarskaya, I.Grech me. To give solidity later included in it and the most authoritative Soviet handler A.Mazovera and representative N.Volkova dekorativschikov.

We did not immediately guess that Volkov did not want to change anything. He quickly skumekal that meticulous Vikings prevent him to carry out various manipulations with pedigrees and will not leave on his sole disposal of the new club’s finances. In all instances where the Wolves, on behalf of the organizing committee spoke, he urged officials not to support the creation of a new club.
Passed month after month, and it’s not moving. Accidentally, we learned what the propaganda leading lights in our offices is Nikolai Klavdievich. By this time we had already actually make sure that their work in the decorative club he quite shamelessly and, of course, illegal to use to improve their own financial situation.
I went to his friend Mikhail Postnikov, who held an important post in the Moscow Soviet, and asked for help. Mikhail Volkov invited to his carpet, he told what the facts and has offered a choice: voluntary dismissal or jail. Wolves took the first offer … A couple of days later Postnikov called me in the evening and asked for the morning to prepare the charter of the new organization and bring it to the Moscow City Council for consideration and approval. All night we Pushkarskaya pored over the writing of the document. The main idea, which would like to implement – the democratization of amateur dog breeding. We ate so soldafonskoy authoritarian DOSAAF they wanted at the legal level to fix the other principles.
MGOLS Charter was approved August 17, 1973. It began a fundamentally new era Soviet dog breeding. Based on the precedent of Moscow, similar organizations appeared instantly on the entire territory of the USSR.

In August MGOLS in an emergency procedure, prepared and held its first exhibition – the main area of ​​the country – the Soviet Era. For this event, I managed to publish a brochure “Service Dog – Doberman.” The name was in it the most important thing, a sort of challenge to the decision of DOSAAF.

With this brochure related exhibition funny episode. I wrote on a piece of paper announcement: “In the ring number 3 sold b r o w u p a” Service Dog – Doberman “and asked one of the managers of the exhibition read the text through the speaker could not move away from the microphone and ten steps, I hear the voice on. all the exhibition: “In the ring number 3 sold b r o w e n n a i Doberman guard dog”


The people got excited. The dog did not have time to lose, and it already sells …

AP. Mazover, early 60
AP. Mazover, early 60

In the preparation of the founding conference of the new society, which defined a few years the problem and chose the board, we were quick. Former Missal had time to learn about the creation of a new society, it is still not so much. Addresses and telephone numbers of the rest were in a club service dog. And so to the delegates from the Missal it was much less than that of dekorativschikov. What happened! The old woman was terrified us: come to some strangers, energetic, with other ideas about dog breeding, but because it was so good, -Home … So the first part of the conference, they have devoted efforts to prevent the election to the board of AP Mazover. We are faced with not weak opponents. They have not forgotten their glorious experience communal kitchen battles and briskly got down to business. What is not only accused Alexander Pavlovich! Of course, I stood up for him. When they realized that Mazover not to blame, followed by the second part of the offensive, has dedicated to me. On the podium he stood completely unfamiliar to me a lady of advanced years, and told him how I beat her. His agitated speech she completed a rhetorical question in the room: “Are not you ashamed, Eugene G., you’re an old man.” I was 27 years old, she never seen me, and finished her speech tovarki forgotten she was told about my age. However, seasoned veteranok this plate completely confused. Alexander Pavlovich said nothing.

Since then, I have set a very complicated relationship with a decorative “beau monde”. He did not like my persistent calls to work according to the rules. Then I have a conflict with the city Department of Veterinary Medicine, which for some reason was considered MGOLS curator of the Moscow City Council and tried to intervene in the case of dog breeders. In such cases, with reference to the approved charter MGOLS not prudusmatrivavshy submission to the veterinary service, I recommended that these officials do not worry. Mazover also demonstrated a willingness to obey. All his life he frightened many canine friends almost destroyed before our eyes. Life long taught him to humiliation. I remember once on a big show General Gregory Panteleimonovich Medvedev shouted at full throat: “Mazover to me!”. Adored by us Alexander, he had already served in the army, obediently trotted to the former chief. I do not know what it was Alexander Pavlovich in his youth but in his mature years, he too feared clashes with the authorities. As chairman of the board MGOLS, he did not just sign some random paper just because someone pressed him. Months, or even years, we had to make a fuss that would rectify this because of this situation. And Alexander Pavlovich smiled guiltily only.

Because of this compliance Mazover one day I was in a silly situation. Ministry of Agriculture, which acted Dog Training Tips, suddenly issued another circular on the work of expert dog trainers. This document is a conglomeration of nonsense. On behalf MGOLS I stated the Deputy Minister Goltsovoye and quite easy to prove to him that it is impossible to use the circular. Desiring to enhance the success, I said as a protest against ignoring the Kennel Council considers the country’s largest canine organization in the preparation of such documents. Deputy Head of the Council immediately called and asked for an explanation. He said that it was agreed with MGOLS and really showed the paper to endorse A.P.Mazoverom.

right A.Mazover third of it to the left (standing under an umbrella) E.Rozenberg
Right A.Mazover third of it to the left (standing under an umbrella) E.Rozenberg

I highly appreciate the contribution A.P.Mazovera in dog breeding, I learned a lot from him. In the full sense of the word, he was not my teacher, but we talked a lot, often in conjunction judged exhibitions and events throughout the country, met daily for several years at the Kazan station and went to work in Veshnyaki. I’m there to train dogs for the blind, and the fence was located kennel “Red Star”, directed by Alexander Pavlovich.
Due to its erudition, intelligence and goodwill Mazover really stands out and is easy to gain people. In his youth, he has done a lot in breeding Dobermans. Then he had the nickname Sasha-Doberman. After the war, Alexander Pavlovich bred German shepherds and other breeds in the military kennel “Red Star”, plays a very important role in the domestic dog breeding of the period. It was a large factory for the reproduction of dogs. There’s also worked out the basic directions in the breeding of the German Shepherd.

Almost all of the East European Shepherd of the postwar period were the descendants of the captured dogs, which under the leadership of Mazover trains taken from the defeated Germany in 1945. Near the AP was the famous black male Alf Goring from the nursery.

Mazover was a dog breeder from God. Expertise it has always been clear, clear and undeniable, the eyes and the taste never fails. He immediately found the contact with the most vicious and unrestrained dogs and easily falls for them yourself. Yes, and the dogs loved immensely. Furthermore, he carefully took care of dogs in need. In cold cages “Red Star” in addition to the shaggy dogs and short-lived – fawn dog Pourchot, dobermansha Nega and others. AP they are fed into the chilly days, walked with them to warm them, not entrusting bedolag indifferent soldiers. Sometimes, when he could not himself, he called me with a request to take a walk with his charges.

Mazover written several excellent books, which are still not lost their value. The Soviet spirit and quotations from Stalin and Lysenko in his books do not pay attention. Then it was a condition for publication. on dog breeding lecture he gave brilliant and brought a huge number of students.

Sitting E.Rozenberg left, standing next to him Yu.Shar, the right of it sits S.Kameneva.
Sitting on the left E.Rozenberg, standing next to him Yu.Shar, the right of it sits S.Kameneva.
MGOLS exhibition mid 70s.

avoid conflicts, Mazover knew how to hate. I knew two of his tireless enemies – Evgeni Stepanov and his wife Elena Orel. Stepanov was a good vet and a qualified expert – cynologist, a passionate collector of animalistic sculpture. Если хочется по-настоящему расслабиться и отдохнуть, по полной зарядиться положительными эмоциями и снять усталость, то лучше всего для этого подойдёт сеанс массажа. Причем не простой, который проводят в массажном кабинете, а эротический массаж, проводимый в специально обустроенных апартаментах красивыми и сексуальными девушками. Приятная атмосфера, возбуждающие виды и нежные прикосновения женских рук – всё это уже ждёт вас, осталось только записаться на фантастический сеанс!. Beauty Orel in his youth studied ballet, in his mature years was fascinated cynologists and also became a judge-Union category. But I think the main passion of this couple had a fight with Mazover and other specialist German Shepherd – YI Ball. Means against they did not choose.

At the beginning of the 60s Stepanov Moscow experts gathered and gave a lecture on cryptorchidism dogs. Most of us have notions about it had not. After the lecture in the examination rules were made a requirement to check the presence of dogs on this defect. Overall, the initiative had a positive effect. But Evgeni pursued not only educational goal. In his lecture, he cited a number of facts and widespread use Mazover Bowl cryptorchid in breeding dogs. Next Stepanov persistently instilled in the minds of breeders and – most importantly – the heads of service dog that cryptorchidism genetically linked to defects of the nervous system, weakness of the ear cartilage, and a host of other anomalies, resulting in the loss of working ability of dogs used in the Soviet army on the border security agencies and pr. Consequently, such a disruptive farming seriously damages the army and the country. It follows a natural for that time, had not yet zabyvshey Stalinism, concluded: boss enemies in the Soviet dog breeding


I can not say that this “criticism” dog experts perceived seriously, but funny things happened. Assessing the shepherd to “crumpled” ears, one of the judges in the description noted: “Ears with signs of cryptorchidism.” Other experts called upon to withdraw from the cultivation of all the descendants of cryptorchid Ingul and Taishet. Information about cryptorchidism of the most popular in its time, manufacturers have been very doubtful. Stepanov and Orel message referred to the instructor on the viscous, and their close friend. It was impossible to verify this information, since neither Ingul, nor even Taishet has long been dead. And their descendants were about 90% of the population of East European Shepherd.

The fight against libel and cost Mazover Ball tank blood. Just to fend off accusations could not because they seriously considered not experts, but alert people in uniform, rebuking power.
When the campaign more or less subsided, Stepanov Orel announced that Alsatian dog greatly inferior to the exterior and working abilities of the German Shepherd Dog in the German Democratic Republic and are guilty of this lag are the same person. Some of the arguments may be valid: VEO were beautiful dogs, but somewhat over-extended, krupnovat and heavy. Moreover, elongated format was welcomed by the judges. Descriptions marked “excellent long body.” About farmed in the German Shepherd that time very few people knew, and any form of cooperation with West Germany was excluded. So it really possible to compare our East European Shepherd dogs only with the GDR. And not the fact that the difference was in favor of a German Shepherd. The weight we could not see the dogs and fraternal GDR, but the ones that randomly by gravity fall into the USSR or were brought Zooobedineniya procurement office, produced a depressing effect.

It is widely used by supporters of Stepanov-Orel Nitus German who lived in the “Red Star”, and then sent his fans into g.Gorky was very cowardly and not good himself. I had to be judged in Gorky Shepherds, when the ring was filled with mostly his children and grandchildren. Hardly very numerous in the ring I was able to be estimated as “very good” 2-3 dogs. The rest were rated “good” and “satisfactory”.

Supporters Stepanova were particularly consistent in Ukraine. It took many years before began to be heard disturbing voices of the sad state of the breed in this country. DOSAAF Central Committee dispatched a large commission, headed by AP Mazover. What they saw astounded even experienced professionals. Dogs are different types, but mostly very primitive appearance, small, fine-boned, taut, with piled to the side and wrapped in a ring-tailed. According to the results of the commission DOSAAF adopted a resolution stating that Stepanov and Orel damaged dog breeding and their activities must be stopped.

The correctness Mazover and Shar admitted only because it was more than obvious.

For many years and on the whole successfully led breeding sheep dogs in Moscow Judith Isaevna Bowl. Moscow was the main zakonadatelem for all regions of the USSR and the position of the head of the Moscow club meant total domination and throughout the country. As a specialist, Ball enjoyed unquestioned authority, to listen to her words, her breeding results were impressive. By its nature, it was the complete opposite Mazover: overbearing, harsh, loves flattery, which had their favorites among people and dogs, not too prone to judgment objectivity. I do not think it was a good organizer, but the unwritten laws of those years, who the chief is right.

“Ovcharisty” were mostly rustic people, they not only did not confuse rudeness patroness, sometimes quite good-natured, but they respected her part, precisely because of this. For them it was her boyfriend, and her year after year was elected head of the VEO section.

For the first time I encountered the ball during the first in my life for towing skiers competitions. My friend and I arrived with my Dobermans on competition terribly worried, but the rules were familiar surface. Addressed questions to the chief referee Bowl. В этот момент она ожидала начала выступления своего фаворита – прекрасного кобеля-овчарки Рейна. Мы отвлекли ее и, не слишком церемонясь с пацанами, она просто как-то брезгливо отмахнулась : “Отстаньте со своими доберманами”. Полчаса спустя мы вновь вынуждены были обратиться к ней с вопросом, чем прикреплять нагрудные номера. – “Соплями своими”. Это был такой изящный намек на наш возраст.

Позже, когда мы с ней даже подружились, я понял, что грубость отчасти была ее маской, она пыталась защититься от постоянно ожидаемых нападок, бесцеремонности. В обычной жизни она была вполне приветлива, любила гостей, прекрасно их угощала, в том числе незабываемыми фруктовыми салатами, понимала шутки и умела защитить симпатичных ей людей. Но власть сильно развращала и порой она не чувствовала границ.

Руководство ДОСААФ, отставные генералы и полковники, терпеть не могли Мазовера и Шар. Избавление от Степановой и Орловской не принесло ожидаемого облегчения. Воспользовавшись как поводом какими-то заявлениями о грубости Шар, ЦК ДОСААФ просто взял и отстранил ее от руководства клубом. А ведь на эту должность она была избранна собранием любителей породы. За Шар наиболее активно и действенно вступились в основном любители боксеров, доберманов, догов и ряда других пород, которых армия не использовала. Все эти породы давно были как бельмо на глазу для служак, не понимавших, зачем вообще нужны породы, которых нельзя поставить на пост. А тут еще и их владельцы, которые смеют голос поднимать. Грамотеи очкастые, они на законы, видишь ли, ссылаются, цитируют параграфы… Выгнать всех к чертовой матери из ДОСААФ. Отсюда и приказ о признании доберманов и пр. неслужебными породами.

Справа налево И.Кузнецкая, В.Рикман, Е.Розенберг, И.Сивцова(Кашицина) Справа налево И.Кузнецкая, В.Рикман, Е.Розенберг, И.Сивцова(Кашицина). Выставка МГОЛС, середина 70-х.


In MGOLS I headed tribal council and invite the former leading ovcharistov, was out of work, Shar, and IL Kuznetsk. Unexpectedly for myself, I was faced with a surly resistance Alexander Pavlovich Mazover. He had nothing against the invitations conflict-sensitive and Irina L. Kuznetsk, but the ball … It turned out that he was not really ready to once again stand her next to him. And not only because of its difficult nature. (Frightened expulsion of DOSAAF, she was confused, behaved surprisingly quiet, really helped the young dog breeders join dog breeding, become proficient.) I think that finding, finally, rest in MGOLS and quite clearly feeling the atmosphere of worship of his own talent, he did not want anyone to share his authority. He warned me that the ball will create problems. I did not listen.

In MGOLS first time dog owners had the opportunity to shape the rules of the canine. In DOSAAF this spawn was not. Terms of us let down from above, we had only to stretch out on the “”attention”” rack and strictly comply with them, even in cases when they contradict everything, including common sense. For example, it does one of the main methods of breeding – inbreeding. Every case of application of inbreeding was necessary to agree with the city DOSAAF Committee. This meant that walking from office to office, getting signatures from some major-Grunt.

In the framework developed by us in MGOLS canine standards we believed and, of course, would like that they are respected. Our company consisted of clubs by species, each of which had a commission for breeding. Every year, the Commission created a breeding program (breeding plan) and then stated it publicly at the General Tribal Council. Sometimes this work is performed by club committees competently and responsibly, sometimes not.

The statement breeding plan was actually a test of the maturity of the canine and not all easy to give. In search of popularity Isaevna Judith began to flirt with the representatives of different clubs, a blind eye to their mistakes, unintentional or intentional. On this basis, we have it have serious disagreements. In front of me there was a dilemma: either to ask the Commission to leave the ball or leave himself. In MGOLS I had many other things, I have led the club Dobermans and Bassett, and withdraw from the ball stud Commission meant its withdrawal abroad dog at all. I did not want this, and recognized the rightness Mazover about our mutual friend did not want too. I quietly left the plemkomissii. The ball did not experience embarrassment. Moreover, she joined my enemies in the Veterinary Department of the Moscow City Council and participated in the preparation of the decision on exclusion from MGOLS several members of his administration for violations of the Moscow Soviet instructions. So a single organization (Mossovet) excluded people from other social organizations (MGOLS). The offenders list was and I, despite the fact that he could not break, because He was not a member of the Board. Yes, and some violations did not exist.
The statute did not appear MGOLS dog breeds banned for registration. As society worked well and it was very popular, it went to us with their dogs owners of breeds, which could be detected and in the hunting community and club service dog. Of course, the mass exodus of undermining the other clubs. Instead, in order to improve their work and keep people and dogs, they embarked on demagogy and bickering. Moscow City Council officials began to argue that if the fans of Shepherds and Giant Schnauzers go into MGOLS, their dogs lose their working abilities and not be able to meet the requirements of the Army, and if the owners of the spaniels MGOLS pass, it would undermine the hunt and also cause damage to the state.
Exclusion list was headed by the Moscow City Council Tatiana Nikulina, sits on the board and initiate entry into MGOLS owners of giant schnauzers, despite the objections of the Moscow City Council. I explained to her husband, the famous actor Yuri Nikulin, how absurd and illegal punitive decree. Zapasshis argument, he went into a bastion of justice, the Moscow City Council. The solution is not canceled, but Tatiana Nikulin deleted from the hit list.
Soon after Gorbachev came to power in the country, removed restrictions on the creation of new clubs. Together with friends I organized association “Zoosfera”. There began a period of my happy dog.