“Kachalov’s dog”

In the early 80s I once read the memoirs of the great actor-puppeteer Sergei Vladimirovich Obraztsova in the journal “Science and Life.” All samples that did, – work with the puppets, performances on stage, singing with a guitar, journalistic articles, books – it was interesting and instructive. And these memoirs I liked, but telling the story of the creation of Sergei Yesenin’s poem “The Hound Katchalov,” Sergey, I thought, deviated from the truth. He claimed that the dog Vasily Jim was Erdelyi. I knew that Jim was a Doberman, read about it in “Romance without lies” closest friend Esenina Anatoly Marienhof. This novel was in those days actually prohibited, for decades has not been reissued, my hands got casually and for a long time and I had forgotten what it is called and who is the author, but, of course, remember that it was about Dobermans, not the Erdelyi . And the word Esenina “And everyone smiling, strives to/you on wool VELVET touch” point not at Airedale – he does not velvet wool


With all my thoughts and I turned to Obraztsov, when he looked again into my room in an editorial published by “Art”. In principle, his memory was excellent, he was proud of it, and to hear the “exposure”, despite the fact that I tried to put it gently, knowing his resentment, Sergei Vladimirovich was unpleasant. “Who among us friends with Katchalov and Yesenin, me or you, Jack? Why do you refer to the book, even where the names do not remember? “- he was in a rage. Upon hearing my answer conciliatory tone, samples relented and again to my eyes showed his talent to transform the reality of the most bizarre and artistic way. Behind me in the room hung two photographs wonderful Doberman Love-Sage. One was a portrait of her bust, but on the second I held her in the exhibition stand. otknopil Artist portrait from the wall and somehow cleverly priladil it to my body in the second photo. I get my body with the head of Sage. Moreover, silhouette edges perfectly aligned. This picture is then amused a lot of my visitors.

Regularly communicating with Sergei Vladimirovich, I certainly did not remind him about the history of Esenina masterpiece, but do not put up with it is not too convincing & lt; arguments & gt ;. Do not know if doubts have arisen about its own position in the head Obraztsova, but when a couple of years, I certainly was able to prove to him his case, he could hardly conceal the embarrassment, thanked for the clarification and promised amendment in the next edition of his memoirs.

«My” version of the professor GITISa A.V.Bortashevich, with whom I once studied and kept in touch after graduation. He was the grandson Katchalov and invited to visit the home of his half-sister, who has kept the oil portrait of Jim, made famous painter Ulyanov. I already agreed to visit her together with the photographer, but by this time all of a sudden there was another, more intelligible confirmation.

As an editor, I worked on the manuscript memories Nina Michalowski, actress Moscow Art Theater. A great actress she is, but as studied with Stanislavsky, was surrounded by geniuses, it was something to remember. мелбет зеркало рабочее на сегодня. Work on preparing the text for publication was difficult – confusion in the names of plays, playwright, director, actor, historical facts have been set, and the text itself was in need of serious literary refinement: When the main action, finally completed, I was relieved and we started a selection of photographs for the book.

Archive actress was just unique because it not only has its collector, but her husband, a big boss in the art associated with the leading figures of not only Soviet, but also the world of culture. This part of the work on this book was for me a highly interesting and well compensated transferred difficulties.

Browsing through albums with yellowed photos, I suddenly found something that made instantly forget about the claims to the memory of the old actresses. In front of me was glued to the mat perfectly preserved picture Kachalova actresses Olga Labzin Arts Theater, Nina Michalowski and Dobermans Jim. Autograph Kachalova graced this indisputable photo document with the text, which proved to be convincing even for stubborn Obraztsov. Here is the text written by the best Russian actor of the last century: “Darling Ninochka Michalowski to remember us with Jim, and best wishes, and gentle greetings from both of us. You. Yves. Katchalov and Jim Trefovich Doberman. 1926 – June – Moscow »


Needless to say that this photograph, I put in a photo album book N.Mihalovskoy ‘eyes and hearts of the actress “, which was published in 1986.

Unique Photo Kachalova with Doberman Jim is now the jewel of my archive. A date under it – in 1926 – certainly suggests that the poem “The Hound of Kachalov”, written in 1925, focuses on the most Dobermann Jim. That’s an amazing poem.

Dog Kachalova

Dai, Jim, for good luck paw me,
This leg have I seen srodu.
Let’s go floor in the moonlight
The quiet, quiet weather.
Dai, Jim, for good luck paw me.

Please, darling, do not lizhis.
Do not get me though the most simple.
After all, you do not know what life is,
Do not you know that to be alive is worth.

your master and sweet and famous,
And he is guest in the house a lot,
And everyone smiling strives
You on the wool velvet touch.

You’re a dog devilishly handsome,
With such trusting miloyu priyattsey.
And anybody drops without asking,
Like a drunken friend, you climb to kiss.

My dear Jim, among your guests
So many good and nevsyakih was.
But is that all silent and sad,
This accident did not come all of a sudden?

It will give you bail.
And without me, staring into her eyes,
You for me lick her hand tenderly
For all that was and was not to blame.

It should be added that according to the researchers creativity Esenin, the woman who remembers the poet in this sad poem was his wife Zinaida Reich, he parted with her shortly before he met with Jim .