IDC Championship in Sweden

g.Nischeping, June 30-July 1, 2008.



  • H.Vibliskhauzer, Germany – black males champions, veterans, brown working class
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  • M.Dalgard, Denmark – black and brown baby, black and brown puppies brown male juniors, brown males and females juniors, brown females of the working class, brown females champions and veterans
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  • P.Petstsano, Italy – black male juniors, black females working class black females champions, black females veterans, honorary class black females
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  • H.Redtenbaher, South Africa – black female Junior, black male open class
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  • T.Bistrem, Sweden – brown dogs and females junior black female open class, brown females open class
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The exhibition IDC and World Championship had never carried out in Sweden, because of strict quarantine regulations on the import of dogs in this country. In recent years, the rules were simplified, but still our citizens to run inquiries had. On the border, as far as I know, any problems due certifications did not arise, if they are properly designed.

The organization IDC-show was almost perfect, there were no significant overlap, the schedule was maintained, in spite of the rain on the first day and the scorching sun is relentless in the second.

Rings were spacious, neat, show dogs trot was a pleasure. In addition, experts in the classroom with a large number of exhibits were divided into groups of dogs, then choose the best four in each subgroup, and in the end, all these four were going in the ring to select the best of them already four.

Despite the ominous warning of pre-ban double handling, it took place at all the rings, and on a final comparison of the main ring, as usual, was admitted with a dog handler and helper.

With regard to the quality of its expertise and focus in detail do not want to say anything new, mostly reigns policy and its main carrier P.Petstsano, which carried out its not only in the classroom


I really like the work of a judge Merete Dalgard from Denmark – understanding of the breed, friendly people and dogs, coherent arrangement and their explanations. Basically she got brown dogs, among which I would highlight a few Russian females and lovely Italian Raisa Rivien Del Fiorsilva (Ferrofaragomez di Kampavalano x Rivien Of Tandenberg). Most recently, she won the Italian mono-championship. Here it showed reason only in the honor class. This is a very stylish and perfectly built dog with a totally harmonious and lightly. Expressive posture perfectly preserved at the trot. For the title of Champion IDC she did not struggle. Its non-participation offset by other dogs overestimation in the main competition of the same kennel, turning it into alignment females black working class.

Well looked stout with a long head and beautiful Polish female Ciara Elite House (Pimm, with x Yala from Glorious Stai).

The brown champion is quite easy to become Rush Missile Defense (DoD Livonias Hitchcock’s Evva Eurydice). Solidity to it a little lacking, but the style and the manner shown in her very triumphant.

Of all brown male I sunk into the soul of three – they have won in their classes. Swede Jean Dark Grabatstsi (Jean Dark Young x Smart Wood Hills L’Oreal) – average growth, very dense, compact and elegant with beautiful masculine head and flawless sufficiently clear silhouette. He reminded me of his grandfather Nestor iz Zoosfery.

Excellent look and features several lost excessive inflated and become more elegant Boris from home domain. The audience for him hurt more than the long-eared and long-tailed Grabatstsi.

Tan champion IDC was Italian Byron f. Tibur (Sirus del Tibur Tibur del x Kuma) – tall, very krepkokostny, solidly built and is absolutely not prepared to be shown at the exhibition. Due to the age of his bald expression it was not too pleasant. Vibliskhauzer hardship with him in the Champion class, vainly waiting for him to seem in a rack – did not rise, but there he actually had no one to compete. His main title in the final has surprised many, even though the dog is very good – he showed a little later, when he was photographed at the first place of the podium


Another brown male I liked – a nine Kam Eze w Ar Dali (Alfa Adelante del Chiton x Kam Eze w Ar Alabama), better known Dogzilly littermate. Dali looks amazing, has a perfect elegant silhouette.

Another veteran who lives in Norway Smart Wood Hills Elisir (Alfa Adelante del Chiton – Ravioli Zoosfery) also looked wonderful, wonderful move. This dog has left a huge mark on the breeding of Sweden, Norway and Finland. Most magnificent dogs brilliant Finnish Kennel Krigerhof are descendants Elisir. I have it and was pleased and disappointed: at the time, and Yakovlev, and I tried to keep this brilliant puppy for Moscow. For a long time I tried to persuade a married couple who had lost Doberman, buy Elisir. They agreed, and then bought a puppy in Hungary, the far less successful.

The Swedes, Norwegians and Finns have shown a large and mostly high-quality group of dogs that have a direct relation to the Russian kennels Smart Wood Hills, iz Zoosfery and some others. Finnish Kennel Krigerhof recognized as the best in this exhibition – 5 nurseries participated in the competition


In my opinion, the chance to become a champion IDC was in pretty Smart Wood Hills Roma Raviol (Livonias Baron Hero Hieronimus x Dea Dolores f. Alpha Nordic), owned by kennel Krigerhof. This extraordinarily harmonious, feminine, perfectly physically developed female with great expression is captivating.

Exhibited she won the intermediate class. Here it has entered into a competition capital, with a very deep chest German Tigris Dewan f.Yareshtal (Livonias Baron Hero Hieronimus x Princess Fiola f. Yareshtal), runner-up.

Her littermate Teyk Tait f.Yareshtal easily won the intermediate class of black males.

A great impression on the audience, another daughter of Hieronymus – The Kabbalah iz Zoosfery (mother – BMW Bavaria iz Zoosfery). In the class judged it T.Bistrem Swede. From a huge group of opponents he first put forward the Kabbalah in the top four and did not take his eyes off her. Before I had time to Kabbalah enter the final fight where everything is judged politburo to IDC, bistro immediately I went to her, but was intercepted by a deft Pezzano and abruptly taken away to the other side. As a result – 3 place


The best black female, to IDC champion, became Teraline Ingrid (Atreus de Grande Vinko x Teraline Aurora). With Roma ravioli intermediate class and won the open class it did not compare the new rules IDC: they did not have TSC. Nice, of course, that won a dog born in Russia (she lives in Italy), but it has at the exhibition there were many competitors with far more prosperous and back movements.

One of its main opposing Damajanti iz Zoosfery (Max Of Master Dzharmati x BMW of Bavaria Zoosfery) Pezzano first discovered & lt; extra & gt; premolars, and when I’m with this demonstrably did not agree, the judge said that she had imperfect incisors lineup – six months ago, such a diagnosis, he did not set it, and gave the CACIB and BOB, yes, and in fact it has a smooth cutting edge line.

The huge and quality grades of black juniors exhibited a lot of excellent dogs, especially females. South African Judge Helmut Redtenbaher clear preference to big-eared and tailed Doberman, easily sending the ring amazing females. He singled out, of course, Thais iz Zoosfery (Nestor iz Zoosfery x Electra iz Zoosfery), I chose her in four one of the subgroups, and in the final left three very decent Undocked dogs, and probably for a variety of one lovely Cropped female Smart Wood Hills Ursula (Patos x Beret TSW), which eventually took the third place in the class.

As for the black male juniors, who judged Pezzano, for me this class was even less clear. The remaining four, I would pick the Moscow Italian Italo Dei Douai Intent (Patos x Undemai Villa di Castello) with a beautiful head, strong bones, while too narrow. He took second place and re-entered the top four after a couple of days longer at the World Cup.

The best black adult male of IDC recognized German dog Hilo f. Nemesis (x F’Hiram Castella Nemesis f.) – tall, with a deep breast forbrust powerful, well colored, with a noble head srednekrepkim backbone and slightly sloping croup. In fact, I liked it.

Absolutely square format, deep with a beautiful head of clear lines and correct proportions Polish dog Paco Ducker (Baron Nike Reneval x Ornella de Grande Vinko) stood out in the finals among black males. He won an easy victory in the class. I assumed that he would be the champion IDC. Many exhibitors were discussing his alleged (I have not seen) non-ideal line cutters – this lack of IDC figures have become in recent years, to attach great importance – not all, however, the following cases: It is possible that lax line cutters Paco and gave rise to assign the title of German males.

I have not seen the majority are not included in the four dogs and fully admit that it was at the show a lot of decent, but among those who entered the main final ring, except for Paco, Hilo was really the best, even more so that he could compete for the title only to the winner class winner Paco – neither males nor females of open class and the intermediate class in the struggle were not included due to lack of CTP – in the final ring, they were a priori only as extras


These circumstances – the presence not of the two main winners, as usual for important exhibitions, and as many as four (male and female black, male and female brown), and non-participation in the competition open and intermediate class leaders somewhat reduces the pathos title IDC Champion <./ p>

The best manufacturer in this exhibition called Livonias Baron Heart of Hamlet (Nitro del Rio Bianco x Paola Penelope Piligrimas). He entered the ring with a rather large group of excellent offspring, many of which have been good in their rings. His win over a large number of competitors in this competition was indisputable. Admiring this superb and the same type of group, I could not help thinking that if he were alive ics and could also enter into the ring with their children participating in this exhibition, perhaps miraculous Hamlet would have to seriously compete with his brother for the title of the best producers. But in any case, I once again had the opportunity to enjoy an outstanding offspring for great dogs Paola Penelope and once again proved that knowingly imposed on her as a partner of Nitro.

A more profound analysis of the results of the exhibition IDC, I’m not trying for one reason: the examination of the dogs at this show did not allow to identify the best of what was on it. Own opinion also did not quite work out, because due to the large number of classes held simultaneously, most dogs could not be seen. The dogs that entered the final fours, and which we looked at in competitions, obviously did not always objectively reflect the quality of the dogs of the classes they represented. My impressions of the World Cup are much more complete – there were less rings and there, and the expertise is more clear. I’ll write about it in more detail.