Do not give puppies to artists

Elena Svetlov

The famous canine Eugene Rosenberg: “Pugacheva I almost beat!”

Photo by: Elizabeth Azarov

On the doorbell out two well-bred ladies – mother and daughter – and sniff guests. Joy jump up to the ceiling and cut into circles. And then on the host team implicitly disappear into his room to rest on the bed, surrounded by cups, certificates and photos – evidence of the brilliant career of dog. Although sometimes it’s worth living.

– I was still a lovely dog ​​ics, he died three and a half years – says Eugene G.. – Thus ended his studies in Germany. After the biochemical analysis of blood vet threw up his hands: “In general, it is unclear how he lived. Liver, kidneys – all bodies suffered from dehydration. ” The same story from my friend from Voronezh, which we will one day have given dogs training school.

– Why do you send your Doberman in Germany?

– We are integrated into the international dog breeding, but sometimes we do obviously unnecessary steps. The Germans are the legislators in a number of species and claim standard. They came up with their training – the most important


His breeding test they put above all else, even though he was just a little semblance of a great training. And if we want to show the dog at the World Cup Doberman, it must pass this test to the expert from Germany. All Russian breeders in panic.

My papa ics was my son, I wanted to give it a couple of months in the army. Of course, I heard about the “methodology”, which is used by some “experts”, but could not believe it. In our case, all confirmed. Water is used in training as an incentive, as an encouragement. They fulfill many of the techniques through thirst. Moreover, dogs fed dry feed, which involves free access to water. Doberman is on the trail and had fatally thirsty. At the spot where the hidden thing had dropped a “criminal”, standing water. Not all dogs are dying as a result of such training, but suffering is universal. I do not want to generalize anything, maybe we just got unlucky with the instructor.

– In recent decades, domestic dog breeding has been enriched with new species, but not all imports were good quality. There were cases when imported frank marriage?

– No one specifically did not. Professional studies detailed pedigree, kennel, watching the female, from which he wants to take a puppy, and acquires a result of the quality of Breed. But when the gates were opened abroad, navezli such rubbish! People think just foreign, so good. As soon as an opportunity to bring Doberman, taken about 60 dogs, 10 of them are very good, others are either middle peasants, or much worse than ours. But they almost never used and passed as the slanting rain.

– Among them, the dog met with mental disorders?

– Nearly 90 percent of these cases, the owner is guilty. Evil, unbalanced dog is any breed, but when it comes to Chihuahua, it can be relatively ignored, and another thing – dog or Rottweiler. In our country, does not understand the psychology of dogs. In the Nordic countries – Sweden, Norway, Finland – I watched how people attentive to the dog, trying to find a common language with her. Do not raise their voices, not hysteria, but brought up in love, considered with its needs and possibilities. We have the same 50 per cent just want to command their dog, with nothing to do is not doing. Such a person comes to the exhibition: the dog is clearly not trained in anything. He angrily shouts: “Get up properly!” She does not know how to! He starts to push, pull, driving her to despair. Or take the dog to bed, and then she starts in heat, her chase, and she does not understand why yesterday it was possible, but today it is impossible.

Recently, I saw a picture of how to patch, surrounded by road, with a young little dog – shepherd walked a man. From the shop opposite leaves his wife and yells: “Peter, I bought – go home!” The dog rushes to the hostess across the street. The owner yells: “Come” The dog immediately turns around and comes back to him, almost falling under the car! The owner grabs him by the scruff of the neck and starts pounding. The first dog was a natural impulse, and the last command is executed perfectly. So she does not realize that 3 seconds ago there was something wrong. Now she is afraid of the command “Come!”

There are, of course, affected dogs. Many years ago, we brought from Yugoslavia by a five-month Doberman female – the world champion. I saw him at seven months and immediately said, “put him to sleep, it is a terrible dog. You namuchaetes with him. ” The dog was clearly inadequate. I say it every time he saw the dog. And one day my friend calls: “You nakarkal!” Doberman outdoors chewed off the head mistress. The head was lying separately. This behavior is unusual for a Doberman.

– Maybe women better not to have such dogs


– Gender plays no role. There are people who are not in contact with the world. They are not able to communicate. One well-known man, a colleague of yours, I will not name names, I took the dog, which is immediately realized that her afraid, and began to pursue all bites. Dog became more and more dangerous. The upshot was that the owner was forced to abandon it. He bought a female and calls me: “Eugene G., how to be that such a history does not repeat itself?” “If your dog growls and resists when he, for example, wash paws tightly rein it! This will be enough”. After a while, calling: “Do dogs chin some pimples, I rubbed with alcohol, she ran into the other room, was the muzzle rubbing against carpet and growl. ? I need to run in and hit her “sometimes ask quite stupid questions:” Always Dog wrote brook, and now a puddle. Why? “Well, what to say?

– Eugene G., you have many years headed the list of the best experts. Do you know anyone like tricks, which are the owners for titles.

– There are ridiculous, even absurd options. From Riga several years visited a lovely lady with a wonderful boxer unusual golden color. One day she appeared with her hair exactly the same color as a pet: one in one! We realized that the painted dog. Another situation: the boy very well exposes Dobermann. Dog charming, rarely brown color saturation. I put it in the first place. When all but the boy had gone, I was delighted with the color, the questioner generals playful tone: “Well, confess than painting a dog?” “Londatonom” – rapped teenager


Needless to long-haired dogs, whose standard should be short hair, trim. On misaligned teeth put plate. And an Italian was an outstanding dog, only the skin on the neck hung loosely ,. Everybody said: “The dog – a miracle, but the neck buggy!” And one day we saw him with a neck close-fitting. The dog had plastic surgery, and if you look closely, you could see the seam.

– with judges are also trying to establish contacts?

– We all Soviet-style, the owners are the moves. Foreign experts do not understand what it is, and take over the Russian hospitality when they spawn almost put into his ears. These organizers own victories so get used to it, that when they get to the other, WILD expert can not understand why their dog is not winning. I know one woman who literally wept aloud when her dog did not take first place.

– Eugene G., how is it that you, the club chairman Dobermans, in the early eighties brought to Moscow the first puppy basset hound?

– I do not start yourself a Doberman that there was no conversation, if I promote “their”. I’m terribly pleased bassets, and I brought back from Riga puppy from the first litter, which is very ingeniously used. Groom ordered from Holland, in those days it was tantamount to heroism. My year dragged on Petrovka, 38: was not there a commercial venture? Did not I earned it a couple of guilders? My dog ​​gave 4 litter, but not all puppies have been used in breeding, because some were in the artistic hands. I never wanted to give puppies the artists, because well aware of the world: there is no mode


One day a young man looked Rosenberg: “I want a puppy for his wife to the March 8” Then came another buyer with a similar request. But Yevgeny G. had not thought to ask the names of the faithful! And in the women’s day there were husbands and their wives – Elena and Irina Proklova Ponarovskaya. “Ira, I will not give you a puppy! – Rosenberg said. – You are a beautiful woman, sings well, but you have time for a dog. ” In response, the tears, the sobs. Had to give. But fears were justified.

– I once phoned her husband, it was his mother – says Eugene G.. – I asked if often walk with the dog? “Almost every day! – she said honestly. – And on the balcony. ” So the dog can not be kept. And Lena Proklova dog was so thick! Once I was at Lena’s at the premiere, and then went to see him. Lena has a basin of food for dogs! This gang, which used to go to the bath! “What are you, crazy?” – I could not resist. “She did not eat, but for the night”, – “reassured” Lena. Her husband called the dog does not Pear and Srusha.

It was an absolute glutton. My friends, neighbors Proklova to testify, told how Pear dragged out of the fire they have barbecue. At the same time, oddly enough, she lived for 13 years.

– It is known that one of the first Basset went to Alla Borisovna.

– Unfortunately. When he’s not like something, he threw himself at all, and her as well. Alla exhibited his dog, and once wrote to me a complaint with the Moscow City Council. There was a thick overall notebook with a torn cover, all inscribed with her statements. Pugacheva pointed out that when she participated in the examination Bassett, Rosenberg actually dictated to the judge what to do, and why her dog was in third place. She forgot to write that there were only 4 dogs and basset, I deduced, generally held the fourth. So it is not necessary to speak about cronyism. Primadonna accused me that I took a bribe, but, thank God, described what kind it was offering. She came to the exhibition with her aunt Musya and they all literally forcibly handed trehkopeechny calendar with a picture of Alla and a pen with the inscription “Alla”. we unexpectedly met a couple of months of her closest friend Alina, to which I was invited by my friend. Alina from my submission of the Federal Republic of Germany brought the basset. Alla sat at a party with all his family: then-husband Eugene Boldin, mom and little Christina. The table is set in the garden. It was a rich house, with a swimming pool with artificial waves and light. The discreet charm of the bourgeoisie.

When the table there was a good atmosphere, I decided to ask the question, “Alla, tell me honestly, did you write this slander or Musya?” And suddenly there something stirred up, she went with me to attack! I thought to be beat! She was very close to this. Her mother looked at me, hands folded in prayer: “Be quiet, please!” Eugene Boldin closed his eyes, and Christina shrank into a ball. I paused. Alina took me to my friend on the second floor. We sit at the table, and suddenly heavy tread rises Alla: “Eugene G.! I know what you’re a dog lover! Now I understand everything! Sit here, eat caviar and the poor dog in someone else’s yard rushing! “In fact, it is not rushed, and played with the master’s dog. “Do not think, Eugene G., that if we are not familiar, I of you do not know anything! – continued Pugacheva. – I know all the ins and outs of your “Although I have no ins and outs in the dog


This interview published in the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” September 6, 2007.